This wild ride up-ends the idea of a city tour, combining climate science, cyberpunk science-fiction, and local histories – and futures – in a gritty immersive adventure rolling across miles of Denver's historic sites and hidden corners. Live performance, active participation, and dynamic public sites enmesh into an immersive experience both incredibly real and entirely surreal, offering a portrait of Denver in the face of apocalypse.

THE END is near. Let Control Group take you there.

Following up a break-out year of immersive/experiential productions in 2019, Control Group Productions is thrilled to announce a massive new work THE END: a bus tour of Denver through the apocalypse.

This immersive hijacking of a traditional civic bus tour takes audiences from downtown Denver into a near-future city transformed by escalating climate catastrophe, slowly rolling over the brink of collapse. As a community of survivors, guests and performers work together to find safe harbor in a crumbling world, in an immersive experience spanning multiple sites and a custom renovated apocalyptic school bus.

Equal parts sublime artistry, civics lesson, summer camp, and sheer wild ride, THE END offers an entirely unique cultural adventure that will change how you see Denver forever – or until the end, anyway…

Control Group will present THE END for a limited two-month run starting in June 2020. Start locations across the Denver metro area will foster broad access to an event designed for

THE END is made possible through support from the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation; the Denver Foundation’s Arts Affinity Group; the SCFD of Denver, Adams, Broomfield, and Jefferson Counties; the Denver Music Advancement Fund of Denver Arts & Venues; Colorado Creative Industries; and many individual donors.

Tickets available April 2020

As part of developing THE END, Control Group Productions we are looking for social engagement. Are you someone who has experienced displacement or homelessness? Do you have any experience with street performance or creating art publicly? 

We would like to talk to you, take you on a private tour and gather insights together, and we'll pay you for it.


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